When Coron Got Me Breathless

Coron, Palawan PH

January 17 – 20, 2016


Coron here we come!

As soon as we arrived at Busuanga Airport, we got to our hotel a bit earlier than the check in time. Because of this, the staff told us it’d be better to take a tour around the city, since you can reach town on foot easily.

2 - 700 steps

We were about to eat downtown for brunch but decided to go straight to Mt. Tapyas. I wish we hadn’t though, because we didn’t realize it takes about 700+ steps just to get there.

If you have plans of going to Mt.Tapyas, better be energized and bring lots of water with you. It is best to go there early morning while the sunshine is still bearable and the wind isn’t too hot to handle. You wouldn’t want to be climbing up under intense heat, don’t you?

And here’s THE view that makes your 700+ steps all worth it.

After the breathtaking hike, we immediately looked for a place to eat. Luckily, there are a handful of restos nearby, so food is definitely not a problem.

We had Chili Crabs and Sinigang na Hipon at Carls BBQ. Surprisingly, their food is really good! So good that we had 4 platter of rice in just one sitting.

Yup, we were THAT hungry.

19 - carls

After stuffing our bellies, we went straight back to our hotel and rested for a few hours as we were scheduled to go to Maquinit Hot Springs.

The best time to visit Maquinit Hot Springs is around 6pm onwards but I think the place closes down at 8pm (you might have to give them a call just to be sure).

11 - hotspring

Day 2 is basically our tour around the island. Feast your eyes on some shots I took during the trip…


12 - cyc beach

6 - island


7 - island

30Everything was just picture worthy. My camera simply didn’t do the view some justice. It was all worth it. A trip I won’t ever forget, definitely one for the books. *heart heart* LOL


Day 3 was so chill since we only have to catch our flight that day. There was no time to spare for a short trip around town.

Wish I could go back in time and explore Coron even more.

I wouldn’t miss it for the world! ❤


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